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Soft toys organized competitions, while the owners are not at home, whose batteries are more enduring.


Feel free to rate the game and leave comments.

The game is free, donation is optional, but if you want, I will not mind, thank you very much :)


Thank you so much for sharing your music!!!

*VOiD1 Gaming


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Hi Satewold :)

Plushies are well made and the backgrounds too 💖

Controls are good, things became easier once I found out how to throw the ball, my computer is weak and has difficult with many games but I still could play,

Well made game 💖


Hi Anwynn :)

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, the graphics were drawn to order for me for money.

But when developing, as I understand it, I lack the skills to develop fighting games.

Because of this, my fighting game came out not very high quality, as we would like :(

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Someone told you that you lack the skills or that is how you feel about yourself?

 it looks pretty decent to me for a first fighting game, of course money matter a lot in making any category of games, I do like how the plushies look and the backgrounds are cute, controls are good which is important in any games and that is a really good point,  I guess for a "better" fighting game more characters would be needed and having a story for the game and short background story for each characters and a lot more things, something like that sure cost a lot more money.


Try to start my fighting game, and don't press the button for a minute, and the splash screen should appear and there will be a kind of story for each character.

And just as each character progressed through the game, I came up with a description of the final game for each character.

Well, there is also a hidden character (cat) in the game, during the passage a combination will be written to open it.

I see, will play again and check this :)

I saw the combination for the cat but could not succeed, no idea why though


The combination to open the cat must be entered on the title screen and quickly :)

Glad to be of help!! Thanks for the shoutout and have an amazing week ahead😇

Thanks again for great music :)

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fun fighter

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Thanks for the feedback and video.