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First, congrats, that's a great fun game to play! It's quite interesting to hang on time playing this, however, there are a few points you can take into account to make it super fun-

  • Funny Doggie sprites on the menu are blurry which makes it look odd, you can change that to something crisp and clear.
  • Implement button press animation or some sort of sound, so that users can know if they are pressing the button to move next or back. As there's no user feedback, it feels completely stale.
  • Try to make this game based on a linear and slow progression instead of directly keeping a milestone of 100 at the starting level which makes it boring. 
  • Progress slowly with different levels, so that user retention is good over time. 
  • Also, it would be great to polish the controls to responsive controls instead of adding on force and keeping it increasing. 
  • The spawn of bones is quite acceptable as it increases the difficulty and allows the player to adapt good reflexes but make sure to increase the randomness and spawn opposition depending on the level difficulty.

The rest of the game is quite fun to play and we hope to see more exciting games ahead of time.


Thank you for such a detailed review.

I will take into account your edits, and in the next game I will try to take into account all these shortcomings.

I just don't want to dwell on one game.

So I have big plans for the next games :)


That sounds great! All the best for your future projects!